Things To Consider When Buying A Digital Camera For Kids

Digital cmeras an photography an be a great way for kids to larn about technology and expressing their creativit. If your child is older, you can give them an adult model to work wt o tre are digital ameras dsigned just fr kids. Factor in th child’s ae and how they intend to use the camera whe deciding what kind to get. The following are some additional factors to keep in mnd a you look for a digitl amera for your chil.

When you are choosing digital cameras for kids, or adults for that matter, you should look at the stage and memory capacity of the camera. any parents think their child doesn’t need lot of memoy on their camea but they do. Kids often take mor pcturs than adults because they tend to get more enthusiastic about the hobb once interested.

For this rason, many kds wll eed additional memory for their camera. Most models have very lmited built in memory so you should look into ways t expand the memory such as usin memory stiks. Your child will likely tak a ton of pictures with ther camera so keep that n mind hen looking at digital cameras.

Proud Photography Review – Should You Sign Up With Proud Photography

Proud Photography is an online training lesson produced and written by Peter Timko, who is a good prize-winning expert in photography. The curriculum is based around thirteen intensive training course. Most parts of the course syllabus focus on digital photography but there are techniques which apply to film users. You will take each lesson in 13 parts, in order to finish each part you have to achieve required scores by participate with the quizzes before you can move on to the next lesson.

There essential information regarding portrait photography that tends to focus on the basic elements in the beginning section of the training syllabus. The 3rd, and 5th training tend to be focusing on that essential of shooting pictures and also the adjustment (composition, aperture, and also the shutter speed).

The 13 segments of the Proud Photographys lessons are as below:

* Introduction to Photography and General Terms
* Digital World
* Exposure Control: Shutter Speed
* Exposure Control: Aperture
* Composition
* Advanced Flash Photography Resource
* Black and White Photography
* Travel Photography Part I
* Travel Photography Part II
* People Portraits
* People and

Canon PowerShot SD1400IS Camera

Yet another affordable 14.1 mega-pixel compact digital camera in Canon’s renowned PowerShot range, the SD1400IS incorporates a 4x Wide Angle Optical Zoom with Image Stabilizer and a 2.7″ PureColor LCD screen. Wrapped in a smooth, stylish, ultra slim and comfortable body, your Canon will be the centre of attention.

The big display screen is extremely resilient with a scratch resistant and anti-reflective coating to be able to handle a lot of use. The PureColor LCD screen delivers gorgeous vivid color and razor-sharp, clear resolution, making framing and looking at your photos a delight. It even has a Night Display setting to enable you to view and display your photographs in low light surroundings.

Some interesting new settings include the Miniature Effect mode and the Fisheye Effect mode. An additional practical setting is the Low Light Mode, providing you with color, depth and less noise than you’d expect from a dimly lit scene.

Canon’s modern technology also equips the SD1400IS with three Self Timer settings so that it responds to your subject smiling, or a new face coming into the frame.

Not only can you compose stunning photos, you can even take 720p HD movies with HDMI

Bathroom Spy Camera ,new Spy Toothbrush Pinhole Hd Bathroom Spy Camera Dvr 1280×720 16gb


If you want to shoot some wonderful videos when you are out, this Toothbrush Hidden Pinhole Spy Camera DVR can help you a lot. It looks the same with ordinary electric toothbrushs. But it has a wonderful function that is to be a good spy camera. The pinhole camera is set inside the toothbrush, so ordinary people can not find the difference. When the camera works, there is no noice, so no one knows it is shooting videos except the user. It has high definition which is up to 1280×720, you can get vivid videos without difficulty. The 16GB memory card and large capacity battery support it work for a long time, about 7-8 hours. That’s enough for an amazing video. Throught new technology, this pinhole camera is waterproof. You can use the toothbrush as usual. How convient! Do you want to shoot exciting videos secretly? This miraculous product can help you achieve your dream.


1.Tiny size makes it for a variety of uses.
2.It’s suitable to use as a hidden spy camera except a toothbrush.
3.Real time recording in AVI video format
4.Continuous recording until memory is full manually off
5. Vivid video

How To Get Tack Sharp Photographs – A Digital Photography Tip

Did you ever ask yourself how professional photographers get their photographs so sharp and have you wondered how you can do it yourself? Their images are so crisp, so sharp! If they can do it you must be able to do it to, right? So how can you do it?
A couple of years ago when I just started out with photography I was wondering how to do this. Everybody can take a more or less sharp picture, but to take a extremely sharp photograph takes some knowledge. This extreme level is known as tack sharp. If you take a tack sharp photo then you’ve taken an image with the absolute best sharpness. How do you do this?
A couple factors determine if your photographs are going to be tack or not:

Digital photography tip #1: the use of tripods

Some people don’t really like tripods. They can be quite cumbersome. Tripods can be annoying because they are heavy and if you are taking pictures outside they can hold you back quite a bit.
What they can do, however, is get you to that tack level sharpness. With this level of sharpness there can be absolutely no